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What trends will the coatings industry show in 2017?

Recently, with the arrival of the “Double Eleven”, it also indicates that we will bid farewell to 2016 to welcome the new 2017! The new year is a sign of the summary of the past year and the expectation of the new year. Looking back at the experience of the coatings industry in 2016, you will find that after so many years of development, various problems in the coatings industry are increasingly exposed. In terms of development, if it is out of the “blessing” of products and brands, the coatings enterprise is like a fish that loses its water source. In the end, it is going to die. Therefore, coatings companies should keep abreast of the future development trend of the coatings industry and actively adjust their development strategies in order to survive. What is the development trend of the coatings industry in 2017?


1. Expanding the vast market with quality products


Whether the market can be opened or not, the most fundamental basis is the quality of the goods. The quality of a product refers to both the intrinsic quality of the product and the external form of the product. A good product must be both internal and external.


The material industry is heading for glory. The quality of coatings must be strictly controlled. Strict supervision should be started from material selection and blanking. Products that are not up to standard are not allowed to appear, and self-discipline from the source to create our own quality. At the same time, we must pay full attention to the external form of goods. With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. It is not a day's work to make your own quality, but for tomorrow's market, we must build today's quality.


2, build a strong brand to show the strength of the company


The industry generally believes that the coating industry still has no absolute advantage in production design process, and brand development is an important way to promote and sustain the development of coating products. The brand covers everything from production to packaging to service. In the end, it is the “comprehensive national strength” of a corporate empire and must be given full attention.


In fact, in our daily life consumption, the choice of “brand” is actually the brand that pays attention to the product. To this end, in the development process, coatings companies should brand their own products in a timely manner, let the brand drive the effect, adhere to the "green, environmental protection, nationalization" and other development themes, to adapt to the future development of the coatings market.


3, green materials into environmentally friendly coatings preferred


Although the standards for green products developed by countries are not consistent, they will emphasize the characteristics of the product that are conducive to human health and environmental protection. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) white paper, harmful air in the air in two-thirds of the world's buildings exceeds the standard, and more than 64% of the pollution comes from wood products. The green development direction of implementing coating products is in line with the interests of market consumers and the direction of sustainable development of the industry. It is imperative to benefit the country and the people.


4. The coatings industry is gradually moving toward "internationalization"


China's coatings industry is moving toward the international market. Its strong driving force and advantage are that the private entrepreneurs have an unyielding upward spirit. This is the original driving force for China Paint to dare to scream "globalization" in the global economic winter. Second is the low cost of human resources in China. The human capital mentioned here includes not only the human capital of production but also the cost of researchers and management teams. This cost is more advantageous than other countries in the world.


In a word, paint companies don't have to be frustrated by short-term losses. Whether it is the development of society or the development of the industry, after a certain degree, a "Great Revolution" will be carried out to achieve the goal of promoting the progress of the industry. The paint industry is now in such a situation, so the paint must understand that this situation is only temporary, and must be active to respond positively, I believe that the paint industry in Mingshi will take a new step in 2017!

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