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MAW-6600-Product manual

MAW-6600 polyamide wax micropowder is a special modified polyamide wax micro powder, mainly used in paint, ink surface hand auxiliaries; wood lacquer grinding aid; powder coating deaerator; car ash degassing , grinding aids. This product can completely replace imported similar products.




Polyamide wax powder


White powder

Grain diameter



Melting point




Acid value







Product Details

Instructions for use:


1 Provides excellent surface properties and a smooth hand feel, making the film resistant to sticking, abrasion and slip.

2 Excellent sanding and smoothness, recoatability and good breathability.

3 High hardness, high melting point, available in water-based system, anti-blocking, and obvious matting effect.

4 Used in paint system to improve the grinding property and improve the degassing property on the porous surface.

5 For powder coatings, post-addition is recommended to increase the chargeability of the powder coating. On porous surfaces such as cast iron, the wax can act as a deaerator.

6 When used in automotive putty, it is required to stir well under high shear. The recommended dosage is 1.5-3.5% of the total formulation.

7 Transfer with high-strength dispersing equipment or ball mill. To ensure sufficient wetting of each granule, the mixing time should be no less than 15 minutes.




15kg PP/kraft paper bag

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