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WT-121-Product manual

WT-121 Waterborne Polyamide Wax Rheology Additives are prepared by pre-dispersing and activating a specially modified polyamide wax in deionized water and a co-solvent to form a thixotropic paste. It is specially designed for use in waterborne coating systems, effectively establishing thixotropic viscosity in the system, controlling sagging and anti-settling.



Compared with traditional aqueous rheological additives, it has the following advantages:

1. Excellent thixotropy, sag resistance and anti-settling properties.

2. In the waterborne metallic paint, the positioning of the aluminum powder can be strengthened, and the gloss of the paint film can be increased.

3. Can be used in high polarity systems that are compatible with water.

4. It is easy to disperse and can be dispersed in a high-speed disperser without grinding.

5. Good water resistance.

Product Details

Physical and chemical indicators:


Model Exterior Solid content Solvent Scraper fineness Add amount
WT-121 Light yellow colloid 19-21% Water, cosolvent ≤15Micron 0.5-5.0%
Application areas:
WT121 polyamide wax paste is suitable for a wide range of industrial and civil waterborne coatings.
1. Use WT-121 and water in a ratio of (2:8) to make a pre-gel. It can also be added directly.
2. Dispersing equipment should use high-speed dispersing machine, do not use high-shear equipment such as sand mill.
3. The pre-dispersion temperature should generally be below 70 ° C, the speed is 1500 RPM, and the time is 10-15 minutes.
4. In order to better play the performance of the product, it is recommended to adjust the system PH value, PH ≥ 8
5. Add a cosolvent, such as ethylene glycol butyl ether, diethylene glycol butyl ether, added in an amount of 5-10%
Packaging and storage:
Packed in 18kg plastic drums.


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